Frank Quaid jr., James Russell, JR investments Lakewood Colorado Review


Frank Quaid Jr and James Russell are running a scam from Northern Cali ie: redding california in the cannabis business. Will tell you the have legal product and can ship anywhere for you. They are a scam since 2015 we have been finding out. Do Not send any money to these low life’s. Use craigslist to get ppl Interested and perfect answers for everyone but wont deliever. Uses J R Investments and Use a the number 1 530 262 4192. Not sure why nobody has paid to find this guy thru his number and Craigslist will not give any ip addy and i information from who posted it. Talk about loberal organization claiming privacy when clearly these ppl are scammers. The right thing to do is forward the i for to the i dustry and let us take care of guys like this.

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