Frank W. Molinaro Agency Inc NY New York Review


[email protected] Frank Molinaro Agency is Such a scam and a Fraud, avoid them at all costs they are liars and cheats and never ever ask to help or pay you out. They are always discouraging you from making a claim and when you do they say , u201coh you didnu2019t have that coverageu201d would you like to add that to your policy, What a scumbag and a scam! Here is what is worse abou these scumbags they try to be friendly and then use that info to raise your insurance rates, so dont ever tell them you lost your job becasue Meredith will automatically do a crediut check on you then raise your rates. She is a real piece of s***. SO I did do some research into her ” Meredith Mason AKA Meredith Molinaro and found out she is a convicted Felon for check fraud and prostition

and she has your social security number can you imagine”

57 North Street #119 Danbury, Connecticut USA

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