Fraternal Order of Police Georgia State Lodge Atlanta Georgia


Complaint: My wife agreed to make a contribution to this organization over the phone. When I saw her envelope was addressed to PO Box 92445 Atlanta, GA 30314-0445 and that the contribution was not tax deductible, I held the letter and went on the internet. I could not find this location. I held the envelope and my wife recieved a reminder with a phone number. I called the number and explained the situation. I asked how much of their contribution went to the cause and was told 10%. I explained that we supported the police but not any organication where the fundraising and administration used 90% of the contribution. The lady who answered the phone was very polite and asked If I wanted to cancel the contribution. I said yes. We didn’t get ripped off because we didn’t make a contribution. However, there was no indication that only 10% of the contribution went to the police nor that the contribution was not tax deductible by the solicitor who spoke to my wife. While on the internet I saw an organization with a similar name that was not certified by California as a charity. I don’t know if Georgia has a similar certification program but we should.

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Address: 80 Whitlock Place Suite 200 Marietta, Georgia USA


Phone: 866-871-9544

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