Freedom Life Insurance


The agent sold me on the Premium plan. I asked him to send me information on the plan. All I received was the confirmaion for a phone call I should be receiving tomorrow for the application process and billing. | Not recieving the information from the agent, I decided to go to the website. I am furious. This is not real insurance. It does not meet the new Obamacare minimum requirements. I would have to pay a penalty and not able to file for the tax credit when it comes time to file taxes. No fee schedule to go by. Its sort of like Obanacare. I have to pay for it so I can read it. And find out what and how much it covers. | Also I was told there would be a $100 application fee. The phone call tomorrow is supposed to be someone taking the application and billing info. Of course Ill have to tell them I do not want to apply for their “insurance’ plan.Especially since the agent hasnt sent me the info. Like an idiot I gave him my card Because I intended to buy the insurance. I will update this post if there are charges incurred. The agent told me there would be no charges till I completed the call tomorrow. We will see. | The sales person from United Healthcare sent an email with all the details of the plan we discussed. I will be calling him back in the morning. More expensive but Ive been satisfied dealing with them on my COBRA plan for the last 18 months. And the rep was honest and upfront. | I am just so angry. Freedom Life should not be allowed to operrate as an insurance company.

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