Freedom Realty Review


This lady named Kimberly Rocha a TN Realtor, advertised a home on a certain web site to attract certain people. She lied to us about the community and we did not bother to check to see if it was true. She told us things like “it did not snow there and the power does not go out here” Guess what, the power went off twice in 48 hours after we moved in. It snowed twice in 3 days. After we bought the home we found out she had stolen firewood from us and admitted taken it. Later we found out she also stole from the home while she still had a key and we still had not moved in, she took at least a dinning room table and chairs. When we confronted her she immediately became defensive and instead of apologizing and offering to pay for these items she had stolen she got her husband to threaten us. She then embarked on unscrupulous behavior of intimidation, threats, back stabbing and bad mouthing us to everyone who would listen. She has no legal office as she has been taken to court by the people who she sold to and her neighbors for operating illegally and she ignored the court order and is in violation of that court order and has been for years. She and her company are being investigated by local, and federal authorities for several criminal acts. The real estate commission is also currently investigating her illegal activities and has several complainants as well. This bad person calls herself a christian which her behavior clearly shows she is NOT. She hides behind this all while lying, cheating and slandering anyone who tells the truth about her ways. After investigating its obvious she left Florida under suspicious circumstances and is now scamming the good people of Tenn. Do not let the fake smile of this pure evil person fool you! She will smile while she has her hand in your back pocket and is bad mouthing you to all your friends! What good is “Freedom” without Honesty and integrity? Freedom Realty, really? DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS LADY OR HER FAKE AND FRAUDULENT REALTY CO. .

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