Complaint: Upon starting a new LLC we saw that we needed a Registered agent, after searching many we ran across one that was in fact FREE for the 1st year which was…ie INcorp services. After evaluating this place for almost a year and saw it offered absolutely NOTHING and we mean absolutely NOTHING … ie: it was our clear understanding that this place was to accept mail on our behalf at their facility and to date never ever accepted nothing, instead all mail came directly to our offices asw normal . 7 or 8 months into this FREE trial we called and cancelled and spoke to someone whom Identified herself only as Jade … it was made very clear to Jade that this service offered NOTHING and within our rightful within year FREE requested to cancel … This person Jade said OK you have been cancelled under and within your free trial … we went on to ask if there is some sort of comfirmation number required and was told that wouldnt be necessary since we cancelled within the free trial year. OK, so that was that … so we THOUGHT … a year or so past and lo and behold these pissants started sending us a bill attempting to collect saying we never cancelled which is a BLATANT LIE ! Oh and it gets even better or worse depending how ya look at it … these bad business practice presons attempted to trump up all these charges and even made the statement that the ONLY way to actulaly now cancel was to pay their outrageous erroneous fees which is another Blatant LIE for those who dont know … we will tell you … go to the state board and remove these **** as your registered agent you dont have to pay these LIARS a dam dime to remove them to further add you can also be your own registered agent . These people operating under their many many names are Scam artist !

Tags: Criminal Justice System

Address: Internet United States of America



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