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Simply put, these people are scammers! Once they get your credit/debit card info, they WILL continue billing you for unwanted “services” despite whatever you tell them! I used for a year until I saw that they are about twice as expensive for webhosting as 99% of the other hosts out there, PLUS their “service” sucks. After about 11 months, I switched to, but I kept getting emails from where they tried to keep me as a customer. I refused, flatly telling them “NO”, but they billed me anyway…two weeks prior to my first year even running out anyway! They sent tons of emails trying to keep me, but now they ignore me when I demand my money back, ocassionally replying with a generic, non-appropriate form reply, but they refuse to refund the stolen money from me!! BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL…IF YOU GAVE THEM A CREDIT/DEBIT CARD NUMBER BEFORE YOU READ THIS, CANCEL THE CARD!! bELIEVE ME ON THIS ONE!!

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