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In my opinion there is no human emotion or freshness or true savings from this Cyborg dominanted group of stores that is if one veiwed the episode of Star Trek when Jean-Luc Picard assimilated in to Locotus of the Borg Collective group of planets . So in my opinion we now have are own Cyborghood market. Just entering the frozen food section of the market I noticed warped cardboard food containers that would lead me to believe at least in my opinion that the product could have been thawed at some point. I made the mistake of purchasing such a product which I will never do again. I saw plenty of fruits and vegetables that in my opinion were of walmart quality at wholefoods prices. The quality of their store or excuse me Cyborghood market were less than desired. This in my opinion is what happens when you eliminate the species known as the human or assimilating a human with a computerized machine turn neighborhood markets into a cyborg Shangri-La. Call their corporate office number dial zero for the operator Cyborgs do not answer must reprogram. Cyborgs just don’t understand the grocery business so please bring back that great human qualitys aka fairness, honesty, humility. Profit vs. People don’t make sense in the food game.

22475 El Toro road lake forest, California USA


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