From You Flowers, LLC Crowley Texas Review


I chose to send my wife a flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day. I love for her to be able to set them on her desk and show them off. I usually try to send unique arrangements (Vera Wang roses, exotics, etc…). I found a wonderful arrangement from FTD on the From You Flowers website. I ordered the deluxe version of the arrangement, and couldn’t wait to see how well they turned out. I even paid extra to have them delivered first thing in the morning (so she could enjoy them all day). The flowers were supposed to arrive between 9-noon, but didn’t arrive until almost 2:00 pm. nIt is hard to describe how horrible this arrangement was. What I ordered was $80 worth of Large Pink Roses, medium red roses, pale blush spray roses, beautiful dark red button poms w/ small amounts of Baker’s Leaf sprinkled in, all in a nice, contemporary tall slender vase. What was delivered was a half dozen small fuscia roses, white daisies, white carnations, and small purple astor filler, with tons of large waxy leaves for greenery. It resembles about a $19.99 grocery store arrangement. What’s worse, it was placed in a squat round vase, so that the long stemmed flowers drooped lifelessly over the side, almost spilling out. Wrong flowers, wrong colors, wrong container, not the same monetary value…believe me, I understand all about substitutions and how the online floral industry works, but these were absolutely horrible. I was so embarrased for my wife when she told me about picking them up from the front security desk at her work. nValentine’s was ruined, but at least I was going to get a refund according to the From You Flowers website. I emailed the customer service line and waited (the phone was understandably busy all day on the 14th). I received an email the next day saying From You Flowers regrets that I was not satisfied, but that they have a disclaimer that substitutions may have to be made of equal or greater value. nI politely emailed back to explain that this is not a matter of poor substitution, this was an entirely different arrangement, much less in value, poorly put together, and delivered late. I even enclosed pictures of the arrangement and of what it was supposed to be for contrast. No reply. I finally was able to get them on the phone, and explained everything to the customer service rep. After being put on hold, I was told that a manager had reviewed my “case”” and that they would not refund any money because they had a Valentine’s Day disclaimer that if the florist they use runs out of flowers

I have to accept whatever they have as long as it is of equal or greater value. I tried to explain that this was asinine

because I ordered a specific product. No other company can simply give you something different just because they are low on inventory!! “”No roses…ah

just give em’ daisies….no poms…just grab a handful of whatever from bin #3″” nSo

I will take my message to the “”virtual streets;”” no one should have to go through this from a purely customer service driven company. I am planning to begin a campaign on twitter

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