Frontier Communications Long Beach


Complaint: I had cancelled my account because the TV service no longer worked and it was going to take them 8 days to get to my house to fix it. I couldn’t cancel the phone right away because they wouldn’t release the phone number for another month. And even though I cancelled the TV and Internet service on a particular date (and transferred it to another carrier), they noted that but didn’t cancel it on their end for another month. Then I finally got them to release my phone number and switched that to another carrier–a month later. I paid the final bill on the phone and the rep told me I wouldn’t receive another bill. But I did–for early termination. I was not able to pay it online as I usually pay my bills so they charged me $4.50 to pay it on the phone. When I cancelled my service I paid what they told me was the final bill on the phone and the agent didn’t charge me. This company continually lied to me about pricing and services and that’s the reason I cancelled them. They have terrible customer service.

Tags: Internet, Phone, TV Services

Address: United States


Phone: 800-921-8101

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