Ft. Walton Beach medical Center Madison Mississippi


Complaint: I went for medical treatment due to high fever, trouble breathing, heavy cough i had for the previous 3 days. There was only 1 other patient in the facility giving treatment. I had someone with me that witnessed all of the events. Dr Patel was the attending physician. He listened to my discomfort areas, placed a stethoscope to my chest for less than a minute, instructed me that i had allergies and there was nothing he could do for my symptons except offer putting me on z pack. He offered no other assistance with trying to help my painful cough and fatique,and gave us less than 2 minuts of his time. He then sent his folow-up nurse to tell me i must pay 350 immediately bf they could give me the prescription. the only medical procedure i was offered was for the dr to listen to my chest for merely seconds with his stethoscope. i was not offered for him to check my BP, for a urinalysis to check any potential organ failure, for any type of blood work in case i might have been poisoned, etc. I explained to the dr this hsd been going on for 3 days and i was tired of feeling this way. I explained i was a very active individual and i was tired of being so weary and fatiqued. He offered nothing to help me feel better sooner or more quickly. Not even another facility or dr since he clearly showed no sympathy of help for my condition The entire experience was very humiliating and unprofessional. I was not offered any bedside manor to help me get relief for my obvious pain. Even worse, we left the premises to see where the only other car in the parking lot was the dr’s maserati that he obviously likes to flaunt for all the patients that come to ths clinic. we left the clinic no better than when we came, and were charged 350 for this unprofessional experience and charge for medical care, which i do not feel i received. Also, i was told i must pay the 350 BEFORE i received the Z PAK prescription which made me fell like my medication for my illness was being help hostage to making sure the MD was able to get his money first. The entire experience was so demoralizing and embarrasing in front of the family member that drove me I was so ashamed that we had made the trip.

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Address: 996 airport road destin, Florida USA


Phone: 850 837 9194

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