FuelFood.com Pittsburgh Pennsylvania


Complaint: Seeing what you think is a good deal on Living Social/Groupon/Yelp for this company – don’t do it. They automatically bill you for more of their tasteless and crappy food and won’t let you cancel. The website barely functions and they don’t pick up the phone or answer emails. I’m disputing their charges with my credit card company, because I specifically cancelled their crappy food and did not want anything beyond the LivingSocial package but they billed me over 100 dollars anyway. If you want a clue what kind of company you are dealing with – YouTube/Google CNBC’s show The Profit – watch what kind of meat headed idiot runs the company and how Marcus winds up pulling his investment because it is such a poorly run company. If anyone from the company is reading this – all I want is to cancel and be refunded the money you shouldn’t have billed me for any way. Feel free to to have someone contact me, otherwise I believe people should know what a scam you are.

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: Internet USA

Website: fuelfood.com/

Phone: 18448433835

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