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I purchased furniture online from Furniture World Outlet in Myrtle Beach, I ordered two light tan sofas and a kitchen set. Upon delivery my wife and I noticed that the sofas were much darker than the pictures online. I called the salesman and he requested pictures of the sofas , which I then sent to him. He contacted the manufacturer (Ashley Furniture) and was told when the pictures of the furniture were taken they it was done in a studio setting with lighting so they would appear lighter than they actually are. “Now I was born in the morning but it wasn’t this morning.” I would agree that furniture could be a shade or two different than the picture; but how does light tan turn into an almost dark brown furniture. I also think studio lighting is done to give the true appearance of an item, not a false presentation, the bottom line is they made the sofas withthe wrong color and refuse to do anything about it, so I’m stuck with furniture that does not go with anything in my living room. I put good hard earned money out for something that isn’t even close to the color presented and I am distraught and saddened by the whole situation.

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