I feel this is an exact duplicate situation as the other complaint I recently viewed on this site and feel this company is truly a scam and internet fraud at work here. These two guys need to be stopped and hit hard as you shall read in the following complaint I purchased two separate items from website, on 2/12/2011. I was ordering both items which claimed to be In-stock at time of this purchase for these items including Overnight Shipping fees. I paid in full for the entire cost of this order totaling $431.13. I waited about one full week for the email message they said I would receive to say these items were shipped out of their warehouse on the way to me in California. The message never came and so I sent email message to them on 2/28/11, inquiring on this overnight shipping order that was taking over a week to be sent out as guaranteed on this site. I received message from Robert Smith saying that this order had not been received from manufacturer yet, due to extreme weather conditions in that part of the country. I sent message back complaining about the fact these were suppose already be in their warehouse as they claimed them to be In-Stock purchase at time order was paid for. That reply never came from this company or this Robert guY. I continued to send frequent messages after the time came and passed of the extended delays for weather as claimed, those messages were never replied to as well. I contacted them by phone speaking with gentleman of the name Jordan, he was polite and appeared empathetic to my issue and at least said he would call the manufacturer direct to get the anticipated date of the shipping from that warehouse. Right there was a sign that this order was never delayed due to weather from manufacturer because if so wouldn’t they already have that date? he returned back to the phone after holding form him to make that call, saying no later than 4/4/2011 would that order arrive in Savannah Georgia and day of that arrival shipping to me would be completed. Therefore he guaranteed to have this order arrive here to me on or before 4/8/2011. Definite date he said. While again that date came and went I contacted them and asked Jordan once again why this was never received he appear stuck for excuse on this when I refreshed his memory about the last conversation and date of this order arriving to my home. I asked to speak with his manager and got good old Robert Smith, the no reply email guy. He said no problem lady will arrive any day. I asked if I decided to just cancel right then would my money be returned back onto the card used for this purchase. He said absolutely Maam, but the bank them takes at least four more days before the money has completely been reversed, so would you not just wait a few more days to see that order will be in your home and all will be waiting longer if you do that cancellation today. I got sucked into that promise unfortunately and nothing had arrived again. I contacted them by both email message, no replies naturally by phone always either speaking with these two men each and every contact made. This time on, on 4/6/11, when I was very upset and showed my anger to Jordan over the phone definitely he goes to cancel this nightmare and shop elsewhere. Jordan then tells me that cancel order was immediate on same day of the conversation held to cancel, however the processing for the return of my funds onto the card account now had increased up to 15 days at least to have that refund processed. I was furious and again asked to get Robert on the phone to see why that was not same as he had promised me about the canceling of an order and refunds. He finally gets on the phone and says, Well have you decided what you would like to exchange those cancelled items for instead now, I can help you with that new order Maam? You can imagine my anger at that opening line, and let him have it. He then continued to just allow me to give it him, like they get that all time, and then said I can’t put you through to accounting they do not take calls in that department, however I will walk it there myself and put a rush on this refund processed. Wow what can you do at that point but fear the worst has gotten even someone who thought I was smarter then web fraud to happen to me. I then again contacted them by phone and of course it is Jordan the first part of the call and then goes to Robert with still no further results. Robert had assured me would take the cancellation to accounting and have the rush but appeared totally unaware of anything mentioned on that issue. He then said he sent Jordan to go do it again and well rest is history. But goes onto say actually these cancellations would take as long as 45-60 days for the processing My same concerns are with the previous complaint you had on this site, never do you get through any accounting department and the last conversation I demanded to have them give me the owner’s direct number to speak with him on this issue, he acted as if this was going to be anything different and gave me the owner name Rob Shippy and his email address instead. That email again never replied to same as usual. I have come to assumption that old Jordan and Robert whoever the real last name may be, is the only ones working this scam and fraudulent it, without any intentions to ship or refund any money from day one that order was placed and it became this nightmare from hell. I have reviewed the fed codes on refund of money paid on this type of consumer trade matter, to find they are far out of compliance at this point with time frames to refund a purchase not received and definitely on any type treason for a cancellation, of order paid, no longer interested in. These guys need to be caught and forced to pay for their damages and then some, like the interest on money they have held and used of other peoples in doing this if they do ever refund the money, but looks more like they never intended to do much other than steal from innocent victims like I too fell prey to. Help us please fight these buzz guys! Protect other innocent victims in the future from these scammers.

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