Fusco & Macaluso passaic New Jersey


Complaint: Fusco & Macaluso law firm in Passaic New Jersey is a law firm you want to stay away from. When you first speak to them they will be very pleasant and nice to you and will promise you the world. They will tell you that your case will be handled personally and will be taken care of and that they have contacts all over that will assist in your case. However, once you pay them they forget about you. They dont return your calls (they make you speak to the receptionist or another “lawyer”” who knows nothing about you or your case) and they seem to just forget about you. They basically promise you the world to get your money

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Address: then dont keep any of those promises and just pass your case along to another lawyer and forget about you. They flat out lie. They are shady and not nice people. They practice law simply to make money

Website: 9737791163

Phone: they have no love for law or jusctice. Its firms like this that give all lawyers a bad name.”

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