Fusion Restaurant Westchester County New York


Complaint: I was there on Jan 7, 2012, with a friend for dinner. Ordered soup and potatoes with mushrooms, which were prepared fine with no issues, but my main complaint is about the “Marinated Skirt Steak”” which I ordered to share with my friend. When both of us bit into it

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Address: we spit it out immediately because it tasted like grilled rotten meat with that distinctive slimy feel and spoiled taste. I brought this to the attention of one of the waitresses

Website: they removed the charge and my friend and I left that pitiful establishment and will never again be dining there. I have never once been treated so rudely and subjected to such unprofessionalism at any restaurant before until this one. Very pitiful establishment with no concept of customer service and most definitely health code violations. Now I just found this out about this pitiful establishment from the NYC Dept of Health: Violations recorded in the following area (s)

Phone: some blonde Russian girl no older than 18 or so

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