G4S SOLUTIONS/WACKENHUT indianhead Maryland


Complaint: My name is Karl Mcdonald and I had worked for Wackenhut/g4s at the Nucleuar Regulatory Commission for 14.5 years. I was a shift supervisor well respected and had a stellar work performance.I COMPLAINED in 2009,2010 of racial harrassment from the COTR GARY SIMPLER, who would make numerous racial remarks and stereotypical comments of African Americans. I have two statements I submitted to the EEOC in reference to this matter and a few emails proving my case. My shift was moved twice in one year which I perceived to be retalliation. Another African AMERICAN supervisor was also involved in this case. G4S asked that the charge be thrown out which EEOC rejected and took the case into investigation. The case has been in the loop for 13 months now. Me and the other individual involved were removed for dishonesty falsyfing our time sheets. I didnt agee with the termination and after reveiwing my case im sure you wont either.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 6047 OXONHILL ROAD OXONHILL MD. ROCKVILLE MARYLAND, Maryland United States of America



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