I ordered a Redi Set Go Express Cooker on 1/3/2010. I called the 800 number listed on TV and NEVER ONCE was even given an option to speak to a live customer representative. It was all computer automated. The computer kept asking me if I was like to take advantage of “Additional Offers.”” It said to press 1 to accept or 2 to decline. I repeatedly pressed 2 to decline. My total came up to $56.85 (39.90 for the cooker & 16.95 for shipping). Today (1/10/2010) my checking account showed that I had two transactions from this company for the amount of $91.65 each! I immediately called the 800 number for customer service and spoke to a woman named Kris. She all but called me a liar

saying I had accepted the extra offers. She never once offered to take the extra offers off my account. To end the call she hung up on me. I am so livid and feel taken advantage of. The infomercial showed this “”Grandma character”” that seemed trusting and it looked like a good product. I will do everything I can to spread the word that this company is crooked and dishonest. Please do NOT purhcased anything from this company!”

PO Box 7780, Broomfield, Colorado 88021 Broomfield, Colorado United States of America


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