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Hello Everyone, | Just wanted to inform you all of this rip off company GDK or I bought a game key and recieved a receipt via email. It states that the product key will be on it way shortly, 24 hours later no key whatsoever. We sent multiple emails but no answer either. This company uses great wording in getting your money, hints why I fell for the scam! Here are a few things I read on their site before making the decision to purchase from them, This is straight from their website: | “Our Goal At GDK Is To Provide Our Gamers With As Wide A Range Of Games As Possible At The Best Prices. | We Love To Interact With Customers So We’re Always Available On Our Facebook Page For A Chat Or Game Related Debates. We Hope You Enjoy Using Our Site And Become Regulars. Please Feel Free To Offer Suggestions, Comments And Make Requests For Titles You Would Like Us To Add. | Happy Gaming.” Guess What? All lies to obtain your money! | “We Are Easily Contacted Using Our Live Chat Feature. Please Leave A Message When We Are Offline. | You Can Email Us Using The Contact Us Page. We Often Respond The Same Day” Guess what else? Yet, another bold faced LIE!! | I am letting EVERYONE know to stay clear of this Rip Off internet site. they will take your money and you will never get a key, product and not even an email from them. I paid to recieve a receipt from them to at least prove that I paid them directly for a product that never came and they did not have the decency to at least respond to me and just say ” Look, just face it, we scammed you” I would have a little more respect for them by owning their trickery than just hiding after stealing someones money. | Just Stay Away, Dont Say I Did Not Warn You!

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