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G is selling lemon game consoles.I bought a refurbished Xbox 360 from them.Did not even work for 60 days.Sent it to Microsoft to be fixed.They sent it back to me,and informed me that the warranty was voided by gamestop because they open them up to repair them to be resold.Called Gamestop they said to bad for me,and nothing they can do about it,as I am now stuck with it.They will how ever be willing to sell me another Xbox for the same price.I told them to stick it where the sun does not shine.Figured I might as well try to fix it myself.I think it is worth a try,and besides it is already broken,so I can not hurt it anymore right.I jumped online found out how to open it up,and proceeded to fix it.Upon opening it up I found out that GameStop had broken just about every tab on the unit,and even failed to put back all the screws.The really bad thing was that it looked like the unit had been dumped in water,as everything was totally corroded.They never even put back the heatsink guards.I think a 4 year old would have done a better job at putting it back together,and taking it apart. I can not believe that such a large company would have the gall to sell something like this to it’s customers.This thing should have been tossed in the trash when they found out it had this much water damage to it. THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT THEY SELL AS LONG AS THEY SELL IT,AND THEY WILL NOT REPLACE IT OR MAKE THE DEAL RIGHT. DO NOT buy a console from GameStop they will rip you off,and then tell you to get lost when you call them on it.You are better off getting one off of Craigs list insted.IF you buy it from GAMESTOP you WILL GET RIPPED OFF and you will still need to buy another one if you want an Xbox 360 that worksDon’t forget they void the warranty,and they will not fix it either, so you will be out of luck! PS I bought 6 games with the xbox from GameStop and 3 are scratched so bad they did not even work.If you send them back for new ones they will send you ones that are even worse back plus tell you that they only got 2 games when you sent them 3 games.Funny how they can say it must have been lost in the mail when they are sent in one box…..Ya..We as customers are just a bunch of morons right???Well that is how GameStop will treat you.

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