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Tetyana Gammons ne Siradchuk (Ukrainian individual) has commited merital fraud by merrying Derreck Dwyer for a green card! She married Derreck Dwyer ( a gay idividual) at 23 and payed him for the marriage to get a green card. She divorced him at 26. She divorced him shortly after receiving American citizenship. She remarried again in 2014. Her husband is 45 years old Dwight Timothy Gammons, a divorcee with 2 children and a prominent MI D.O. | Mr. Gammons knows his wife commited the fraud and he was informed about it and hushed it up with the authorities. Mrs. Tetyana Gammons ( then Dwyer) was dating while she was still married to her first husband and she told me in confidence that that her parents who were here illegally at the time paid for the marriage so she could gain entry to the United States. | I believe Mrs. Tetyana Gammons to be a social climber and a golddigger who should not be awarded with American Citizenship. | I have reported this fraud several time to the authorities and I was ignorred!!!! | There will be more information entered into this article in time.

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