Garcinia beeton Ontario Review


I received a call from a company calling ahout a free 10 day trial for Garcinia Extreme HCT – a new liquid formula and that there is money back for everypound lost over three months. They were suppose to charge me $4.95 shipping and handling and after 10 days I was told I could opt out by calling 1-888-294-4134. I was charged $9.95 on my credit card instead of $4.95 and after 10 days I did not even receive my product. I called to opt out but the guy on the phone said there was no free trial and that my credit card would be charged $99.95 for the bottles that were in the mail. There is no opting out? Nope. When I told him I was blatently lied too on the phone and given incorrect information he didn’t care and said there was nothing that could be done. After googling the phone number and reading reviews its a SCAM to get your credit card info and they will keep biling you $99.95 every 30 days. I have had the same problems with other companie who claim to have free trials and money back guarantees – they make it very difficult for opting out. When this did happen with another company they were kind enough to tell me to refuse the package at the post office and when the product gets returned they would reimburse my credit card. How can you be charged for something you didn’t accept at the post office? If they have your credit card info they will do what ever they want – most people don’t have the time to spend hours fighting with people on the phone and get billed againt there will. Beware anyone trying to sell you something thats a free trial, they will word it like a free trial but most of the time its not even enough time for you to try the product before your credit card get billed an outrageous amount – and it will keep happening every month. madisyn, toronto ontario

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