Garden Fairies Trading Company Reviews & Complaints


I made an order, the money was taken from my account. After two weeks, I wrote an email asking about when to expect the order. They said there was a delay because of the manufacturer, but the order had been shipped and was on it’s way. A week after that I wrote again and received no response. A week after that I tried to phone, the line had so much static, it was impossible to hear anything. So I wrote again and said if I didn’t hear from them, then I would take procedures to get my money back. They wrote right back and said the order is on the way. I wrote and said this is what I was told two weeks ago, so if it didn’t arrive the next day, I would proceed to retrieve my money. They advised me that they had cancelled my order and had refunded my money… we will see. It was very obvious to me they had not even sent the order as they kept telling me.I phoned the manufacturer of the item ordered and asked if I could order directly from them and they said of course. I told they of my situation and when they asked who I had ordered from, I told them Garden Fairies Trading Company, they told me they were afraid I’d say that. They informed me they had heard many complaints about them getting product to customers.Think twice before ordering anything from them… maybe they eventually send the order, but who knows how long you must wait.

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