Garden Homes Realty, David Garden Plainfield Indiana Review


I own an electrical contracting company and David Garden from Garden Homes Realty called me to put a permit and tag on one of his homes he was trying to sell. He needed power reconnected as soon as possible. I returned his call and met with David to discuss his needs and meet his office staff at Garden Homes Realty.I went to pick up the tag and permit and the city of Indianapolis told me David Garden with Garden Homes Realty owed fines. I called David and he asked if I could pay the fines and he would include it in his bill. I paid the fines, put the tag and the permit on the house and wrote a bill out to David Garden from Garden Homes Realty.I called and called to collect the amount owed. After calling for 2 weeks, David paid a portion of the bill and told me he would pay the balance after power was reconnected to the house. Power is on at the house but no bill paid or no call from David Garden.David is refusing to contact or speak with me on the balance and hides out in his office when I go by to collect. His employees at Garden Homes Realty say he is not in but his car is out front. I continue to get the run around and obviously have been Ripped Off by Garden Homes Realty!! Reading recent reviews, David Garden has been ripping people off for many years and using Christianity to lure people in!! So Sad! I cannot believe he still holds a real estate license after all of the awful things I have read about David Garden with Garden Homes Realty!!Honestly…. A CROOK With NO Morals!!!!! If you are looking to buy or rent to buy a home!! Choose someone else to be your realtor! If you choose David Garden…you will regret it! We did!

533 Turtle Creek S. Drive Internet, Indiana United States of America


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