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Complaint: Do not do business with con man Garo Armen or his wife Alice Saraydar. He has screwed his former partner, suppliers, and the public with his false claims about his food and juice being organic. So-called philanthropist/businessman Garo Armen, is known for his role in developing cancer treatments and making millions of dollars in biotech. He has revealed himself to be no more than a lowly con man. I spent over a year of planning a natural food and beverage business for Garo Armen, procuring locations, writing business and launch plans, purchasing equipment, staffing, marketing, consumer packaging etc. Once I had built the business, he screwed me at every turn. He owes me $230,106 in out of pocket expenses, and has not paid me a penny for about a full year of my time. Not only did he refuse to pay for all of the food and juice that I had supplied the company, he also took over all of the locations that I had secured – even though my name was on the leases. He is also holding thousands of dollars in heavy equipment that I had purchased myself, which he refuses to return I had many meetings at his house with Alice present. They both assured me that I was doing a terrific job and they would pay for everything. They lied and lied and lied. In addition to that, he has been lying about the quality of his product. LOLO Organics, by producing a much cheaper non-organic product, forcing his employees to lie for him. Garo wanted to claim his juice was organic, but instructed me to use non-organic produce to reduce the cost. Watch your back, start up companies and entrepreneurs on the rise. This is one millionaire mogul you definitely want to avoid getting in bed with.

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Address: 3 Forbes Road Lexington, Massachusetts USA

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Phone: 917-353-2451

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