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Horribly Irresponsible Advisors Who Don’t Listen To Clients

There are many wealth advisors in my area. I could’ve worked with anyone but I chose Gatewood Wealth Solutions and made a terrible mistake. Those people are incompetent. 

My experience with Gatewood Wealth Solutions has been painful. They don’t listen to me, don’t answer my questions properly, and don’t respond to my feedback. The advisor working with me is a very unprofessional person. I don’t want to name someone but I would say that they don’t know how to talk to clients at all. The worst part is, the company doesn’t care how its advisors behave with their clients. You can’t go down from there. That’s the worst possible scenario for a wealth management firm. The leadership of this firm doesn’t listen to any client feedback. I have sent them several emails but I didn’t get a response on any one of them. On the other hand, my advisor has been a constant disappointment. They don’t listen to me during meetings and never care about my personal financial plans. My advisor from Gatewood acts as a know-all, which is really frustrating. 

I tried to tell the company that I didn’t want to work with that advisor but they didn’t respond. If they had listened, I wouldn’t have resorted to writing a review on a third-party website. However, I had no choice. I can’t go on like this. My advisor from Gatewood doesn’t seem to care about my finances. I suspect that they only care about their commission. ANother prominent issue I have with my financial advisor is that they don’t give me a lot of information regarding their investment suggestions. According to their point of view, I should follow their advice blindly without them knowing about my financial goals and plans. 

It is a nightmare to work with Gatewood Wealth Solutions. One of the most important aspects of financial planning is the client’s goals. Everyone has different goals for their life. The job of a wealth advisor is to suggest investments that align with those goals. However, it seems like the people at Gatewood Wealth Solutions aren’t aware of these principles. For them, a client’s goals don’t matter. What matters to them is the net worth of their client and the commission they get from them. If I had known this is how they would treat me, I wouldn’t have contacted them in the first place. 

Gatewood Wealth Solutions has terrible financial advisors who don’t listen to their clients’ needs, goals, and requirements. They focus on their commission rather than their client’s benefits.

About Gatewood Wealth Solutions

Gatewood Wealth Solutions is a wealth advisory firm based in St. Louis. Their founder is John Gatewood who is currently their CEO. They offer various financial services such as retirement planning, investment management, etc. Even though they seem quite genuine, their team of advisors is horrible. The company is greedy and has little focus on client service and experience. They care too much about their commission. 

The financial advisors here don’t listen to their clients and don’t care about any feedback. When I tried to contact their support, I didn’t get any response even though I’m a client. Clearly, this place doesn’t know much about client service. It seems to me that the leadership is careless here and doesn’t care much about clients too. 

I Don’t Recommend Gatewood Wealth Solutions

In the end, I can’t recommend this firm to anyone. I have already told the people in my social circle to avoid doing business with this company. If I had received a response to my emails, I probably would have never needed to post this review here. But seeing how they don’t even respond to client feedback, I had no option but to post a review. 

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