Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center balch springs Texas Review


This is a letter my son wrote to the Gaylord and e-mailed it as well.nThey ripped off my 12 year old son! nDo you remember me? I am Dillon, the boy that the cashieer accused of stealing a cookie. nThe man caused a scene and everyone stopped to watch. It embarassed me and my mom and my grandma. Because I had paid $5.41 for the cookie and the man finally remembered that I had paid for it, but this is after he yelled at me about 4 times that I needed to pay for the cookie and everyone had stopped to watch. nYou promised us a room for 4 people on my birthday. You said you would call me back the next day and didn’t. My birthday is Jan. 17th. that is next week. nEither call us back this week or Monday of next week or did you lie to us, just to make us go away? I think you lied. This isn’t good. nI didn’t embarass you, i paid my money like anyone else would, and you made me feel like garbage. nSo, what should we do about this now? We talked to another man there I don’t remember his name but I think the lady’s name was Susan, they came to help, and the man was over the manager of ICE. The man said his son had been in the same thing as this and it really hurt him. nYou said we would have a good time for my birthday.nCall or e-mail us nThe main thing that I was there with my mom who hadn’t been out of the house in a long time because she had fallen down the stairs and broke her ribs, sternum and collar bone and you screwed it up for us. nMy mom’s name is Linda my Dad is Lucky and our home # is If you leave a message if we are at work and school WE will call you back. nDillon’s momnbalch springs, TexasU.S.A.

1501 Gaylord Trail Grapevine Texas 76051 Nationwide U.S.A.



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