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I have so much to say about Kimberly Bolinskey. I cant believe she is a Lawyer. Unfortuantley I live in another State so I hired by speaking on the phone. She came off helpful and kind. WOW when my Family and myself met her we were very concerned by the way she acted. She seemed to be on some type of medication because she was spaced out to say the least. Then after the First court I just couldn’t believe what was happening. I honestly wanted to fire her right then. I had already paid and having a Lawyer is better than none. Boy was I wrong! Glad this was a Custody case and I wasn’t fighting to stay out of jail. I would probably be doing life. She is Rude and nasty when confronted with how you would like to handle things. The Baliff in the court could not believe her outburst in court. This is all noted and I am filing a complaint against her for the way she acted. | Please think twice before hiring her. Read Reviews on all sites!

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