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GE Refrigerators: Adora, Profie and Cafe Models. The reason I’m posting my report on this site is that I know I’ll be able to post a fair review about these products and not have it rejected as was the case when posting to the GE site itself. I initially had a problem with my Adora stainless steel refrigerator being shipped with the wrong color doors from the factory and the GE customer service folks were of no help at all. In fact I could not get them to identify the colors of the product even after send very clear photos. A dummy could tell what color Stainless Steel is supose to be for goodness sake! As per my review below I finally got it straightened out almost three months later after many emails and phone calls to the GE Atlanta area sales rep. The next issue with these units is FAN NOISE !! Sounds like I have a model airplane running in my kitchen nearly 23 hours a day. This is primarily all due to the new energy savings features on these products. I’m here to tell you that the GE – Adora, Profile and Cafe models all have the same basic box and cooling systems. The only difference is the bells and whistles installed in the front door. So be advised, you have been warned as this fan noise issue applies to all these models, not just my top of the line Adora model. Having tried to follow the guide lines for posting my review to the GE web site. Needless to say, they did not like it one bit and rejected my posting. But they did howver accept my two glowing posts regarding my new GE dishwasher & GE stove. So it’s all good if you post something positive. Other wise you will receive a note back like this: Hello, We appreciate you taking the time to write a review on DFE28JSHSS however, your review did not meet the guidelines for posting on our site. We encourage you to revisit our guidelines and resubmit your review on DFE28JSHSS. So here is my fair and unbiased review of the GE Adora refigerator. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly The Good: Very attractive refrigerator with nice features, large food storage area in both the main box and the bottom freezer. Very nice large main food storage with excellent LED lighting. Unit does everything you would expect from a refrigerator in this price range, ($2200 to $2500) including fresh water dispenser and two ice makers. What more could you want. The Bad: Unit was shipped from the factory with wrong color doors and it took two service calls and nearly three months to get this straightened out. I originally purchased a Stainless Steel model (of which the serial number said it was stainless from the Kentucky factory u2013 NOT-) the doors were slate and it took three months and a lot of head banging dealing with the Atlanta area sales manager until we were finally able to get this resolved. By the way in all fairness this gentleman was very nice. The Ugly: u201cFAN NOISEu201d Iu2019m very disappointed with the fan noise from this product, albeit a beautiful refrigerator, I would not recommend the Adora or the Profile or the GE Cafe refrigerators to anyone because of this. The Adora and the Profile and the Cafe models are all basically the same refrigerator box with different features built into the door. Iu2019ve done my homework on this. After resolving the door issue mentioned above, the same technician came back to look at my Adora reefer fan complaint. We ran all the computer tests which basically told us the box is working normally. But here in lies the problem in my opinion. The energy saving features of this product call for something like three fans which all run at various times depending on the cooling requirements and use of the refrigerator. The main food storage area of the refrigerator has a fan that runs at 2200 RPM and runs almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of how much or how little the box is opened or used and there are only two people (no children) in our home. While in my kitchen if often sounds like I have a model airplane running in the house and I can hear the box running almost all the time and Iu2019m not happy with the fact that Iu2019ve got to live with this for the rest of my life! Again this all appears to be all related to the energy saving features built into the main box itself. Much like a water saving toilet that you have to flush three or four times, now we have to put up with the fan noise to save energy. My older GE upright refrigerator never made a peep in all the years I owned it. Again dealing with the Atlanta area sales manager we discussed this issue at length to ad-nauseum. I was told that other customers have also complained about the fan noise as well, so I was not the only customer to do so. I was also told I had the attention of the company on this matter, that apparently amounted to nothing more than lip service as it did not amount to much in the long run. It was later suggested I try and bring it back to the point of purchase if I was unhappy and buy another product. (not good) Lastly GE Water filters are expensive, $50 each when compared to other brands that are typically u00bd that price or even less. (not good) Filter type RPWFE have a built in I.C. chip, if you do not use the exact required water filter several features will not work. // END// In closing for what itu2019s worth, we have tried all the tricks like filling the reefer to itu2019s fullest capacity. Keeping the doors shut as much as possible, filling the freezer compartment full as often as we can and yet these fans still continue to run almost all day and night long. Luckily I purchased an extend warranty on these GE items, but I feel like I’m basically stuck with the refrigerator, albeit a very nice looking product it’s not every day one goes out and buys a refrigerator in the $2500 to $2800 range and Iu2019ll never to it again. You should not either.

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