Geisinger Health System Review


Robert E. Quick, [protected] 93 Riverview Dr, McVeytown PA 17051 Complaint on: Dr Deborah S. Hopkins EMR at Geisinger Hospital Lewistown, PA on 4/4/19 My grandson Billy [mrn: 6024826] [17 yrs old] was ommitted for observation by RSO Robert L. Haines. Dr Hopkins produced a summary of messages that she said was Billy’s that she had recieved from the officer and would not release him. She also attempted to incarcerate him for 72 hours. A criss worker, who came into the hospital later, said she thought Billy was not a risk and recommented him to be released. He was later released but when the summary of the messages was requested from the doctor, she had refused to give them up. The incident is also involved in a court case. During the case the RSO claimed that no summary was ever given to anyone but the DA. My request for resolution is to have the summary that was used given to me for legal purposes.

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