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Complaint: I purchased a Chevy Suburban in 1995. Ever since I purchased it I’ve had problems with the drivers side seat. I took it into a local dealer which always said they would take care of my issue it just needed to expose itself in time because it was an intermittant issue. They took the seat out several times. replaced to motor for auto adjustments, replaced the cover since the used a razor to get the plastic off the seat and cut it, and etc. I think it total we had it in the shop about 10-15 times for the issue of the seat adjustment not working. Well the local company went out of business and now we don’t have anyone taking care of us. I finally gave up and just have a seat I can’t adjust. Now the seat broke. The metal that holds the seat to the floor broke… My wife took it to another dealer and they said oh that should of never boke. Then the main guy comes out wiggles the car and says oh happens all the time. Never even looked under the chair. So, I call the GM 800 number and they call the dealer and get back with me offering me $1000 dollars toward a new vehicle, but they won’t fix the defective car seat. I tell them I have pictures I would like someone to look at and they say no we wont take them. They say they will call me back when the get more information and they never do. I call back over and over with no response. I finally call and ask for a supervisor and they tell me the other person is no longer working there. Gee wiz… Wonder how many other people are not getting their calls returned. PS – This is not all that has went wrong with this car. I’ve had teh transmission replaced, The radiator, water pump, and check valve replaced. I’ve had the heat exchange replaced. The door hings have wore out. What else.. What kind of garbage do they put together anyway? This is my second chevy that has been a piece of garbage. After my first one I swore I would never go back. Well I guess I shouldn’t have. I will enclose pictures here since no one else seems to be interested. By the way do you like how the dealer put a split air line around the wires for the seat controls. I guess thats why we pay $95 per hour for those GM certified pros. Didn’t know what was wrong my eye. They =knew the whole time. The seat is designed poorly and cuts the wires when you sit on it. The seat metal is to thin, designed poorly, and can’t handle usage. Brad Elk Grove, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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