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General Steel Ripoff Fraud Lied Pressured Stole Unethical Criminal Dishonest Lakewood Colorado | The first time we called General Steel, we talked to Tim Wright. He said that they had a steel building that was normally 15,900.00 but if we sent in the deposit of 3,000.00 now with a signed contract, that we would be able to purchase it for 12,990.00 plus 1,400.00 freight. I told Tim the type and number of doors my building would need and that we would need to change the pitch of the roof and we also talked about the type of insulation that would be needed. Tim told me that he could not give me an exact price on doors, insulation and roof right now, but he said that with the doors, it would probably increase the amount of the building back to the regular price of 15,900.00. and that insulation would probably be around 1,500.00. We sent in the deposit of 3,000.00 and signed the contract and sent this to them. We then received a purchase order for the doors and insulation and roof modification, the price of this order was 18,737.35. not including the price of the building , So, our discounted building that started out at 12,990.00 now cost 33,127.35 . We told them that we could not purchase the building with those additional cost. After reducing the number of doors and trying to cut the price down as much as possible, we had reduced the amount from 18.737.35 to 8,894.86. This added to the original amount for the building still brought up the price 23,284086. Trying to make the best out of a bad situation, we were still trying to make this work. But with the additional charges we could not afford to get the building. We told Ronald Lamping that we could not afford to purchase the building. Two weeks later, we received a set of blueprints for the building. We called General Steel and asked what was going on; that we had canceled the order. We talked to Wayne Gasto (last name is a bit off) Wayne said that since they had already made the blueprints, that in order to cancel the order, I would not only lose my deposit, but I would be required to pay an additional 6,500.00 cancellation fee. I told Wayne that we would not pay it. That is when we found out about their prior lawsuit. On 4/8/06 we received a certified letter from General Steel, Bruce Graham stating that if we did not purchase the building that they would take legal action against us. We have now received a letter stating that we have ten days to either take possession of the building and pay for it, or to pay the 6,500.00 cancellation fee or they will take us to court. Connie Gloster, Louisiana | U.S.A.

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