GeneralSubpoena, LLC.


This company does not pay invoices. They ignore collection attempts. If you are another professional process serving company I would highly reccommend that you require strictly prepayment terms with this company. This company will also claim that they are members of the National Association of Professional Process Servers, however they ARE NOT, and so when this company fails to repay you have few reasonable options of collecting upon the debt owed. | If you are a potential client of General Subpoena I would say this. Avoid giving them your business. First of all they do not serve your legal process, and instead they contract it out to the lowest bidder they can find (whether the lowest bidder is reputable or not). They could care less if they hire a sewer server, not to mention any company in this business MUST have integrity, and be honest, otherwise your proof of service might as well be set on fire. This company cannot be trusted to pay it’s bills, and will lie to get you to agree to invoice them after service has already been completed. What do you think such a company does when they cannot find a server at all? I’ll tell you what many such shady companies do, they lie and put down fabricated service attempts and charge you as if they actually attempted service. | There are too many reputable process servers that can be found at, that there is no excuse to use a deadbeat company to serve time sensitive legal documents that often have confidential or privelaged information within them such as social securtiy numbers. | If this company pays what it owes I will provide an update, however that does not change the fact that this company should NOT be trusted. Before they run off and create a new company, under a new name, the only person who seems to work for them is named Chrisey Smith. | Our business is all about trust. Deals between companies are done by electronic handshakes, and any company that abuses that automatic trust level should be exposed because if too many such as General Subpoena go unchecked than our entire industry turns into one of distrust and prepayment only terms (which are a major inconvienience to any reputable company such as the one I do billing for).

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