Complaint: I am a local artist and sign painter that has done murals and signs for many of our tri-cities restaraunts. I deliver excellent art at a more than fair price ,but some seem to be under the assumption that they can set there oun prices for my work. As i am shure that some of you reading this report have been patrons at this restaraunt and you see that my work speeks for itself. At the beginning of this project money was no object (with in fairness of course). color scheems and design was discussed and work began. after compleation of the work that i was contracted to do, i agreed to touch up the cieling and other areas that other contractors had damaged. When all was said and done the restaraunt was beautiful and still is ..including the faux stonework at the entrance. For my cases sake i must tell you how much i priced all this work for..and what i actually recieved..The bill total was 3300 and then for a jesture of freindship i deducted 500 more dollars cause i knew he was stressed over finances and down time for the remodle. that brought the final totle to 2800. after all the oos and ahhs over the end result of the restaraunt he through the bill back at me and told me he was not going to pay this and that all he was going to pay was 1500. You cheeted me out of my money ben and now I want everyone to know who and what you realy are. Now i know this won’t keep anyone from eating there and thats not my intent. I just want you to know that the truth is out in the open and that the people that you serve might look at you a little differant knowing your a crook.

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Address: 406 ROY MARTIN ROAD JOHNSON CITY, Tennessee United States of America


Phone: 423-477-8330

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