Disappointing Returns

My experience with GenTrust and its advisors has been quite disappointing. Their returns have been dissatisfactory. Even though others were making impressive profits, I was deprived of those profits because of the incompetence of my financial advisors. I donít recommend working with this wealth management firm. 

I have worked with my service providers in my career. However, I had never worked with such an incompetent bunch of people before. The people at GenTrust are careless and incomptent. They are unreliable and remain completely oblivious to their mistakes. The people at this company donít accept their mistakes and always make it seem like itís your fault. GenTrust has a flawed communication system within the company because no matter how much I try, my feedback never reaches the right people. If it did, then I wouldnít have needed to write a complaint here. 

Their returns have been very dissatisfactory and I donít see any changes in their investment strategies anytime soon. Like I said, they have a flawed communication system within their organization so no feedback gets through to them. Their advisors donít take responsibility for delivering poor results. Instead they blame the world for this. Such irresponsible behavior is intolerable and completely unprofessional. I didnít expect the people at GenTrust to behave so irrationally. If I had known they would behave so unprofessionally then I wouldnít have hired them before. The way they have handled my investments recently has shown me their true competence. It has been a lesson for me. Now I know that you should never judge a company on the basis of its peopleís credentials. It doesnít matter how many certifications they have. If they are incompetent, they will disappoint your regardless. 

GenTrust is a wealth management company and has a team of wealth advisors and investment experts. Still, they are horrible at client service and need a lot of major improvements. My recent experiences with the people at GenTrust showed me that no matter how sophisticated a firm looks, it might still have arrogant and careless people. The fact taht they donít accept their mistakes and blame everything except themselves for their shortcomings is really infuriating. 

In recent times, GenTrust hasnít been providing me with the returns I had expected. I could have given them the benefit of doubt because of the pandemic but their returns have been dissatisfactory since before the pandemic even started. Their way of handling the pandemic was unimpressive and I didnít find their response satisfactory. I think they could have done better but because they were already making money from me, they didnít care enough to do their job properly. It doesn’t matter to them whether their client gets the desired returns or not. What matters to GenTrust is how many assets and investments they have in their portfolio so they can brag about in meetings. 

While my friends were making considerable profits, the advisors at this place were disappointing me repeatedly. One of my friends has a financial advisor too. And he was getting nearly double the returns I received from these people. Imagine my position. Here I had hired some of the most expensive financial advisors in the state and I was getting much lower returns than anyone in my peer group. On top of that, whenever I tried to enquire about the reasons behind the poor results, the advisors would ignore my queries. The incompetence at this place is highly infuriating and itís the biggest reason why I wouldnít suggest their services. Thereís a difference between being ignorant because youíre unaware and being ignorant because you donít want to know something. The people at GenTrust fall in the latter category. They despise criticism and so, they avoid any chance of receiving criticism. I believe they donít treat any of their clients seriously. Itís either that or they are mistreating me deliberately. 

In conclusion of my GenTrust review, I suggest you avoid these people. Investing by yourself would be much better and profitable than trusting these irresponsible people. 

GenTrust has incompetent financial advisors who donít own up to their mistakes. They donít accept criticism and offer poor client services. Their results have been hugely disappointing and I canít recommend their services because of these reasons.

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