Geoff Rogers Autoplex Review


The wife”s credit wasn”t good enough so we tried mine so they ran my credit and said it was good mike said he got me a good deal I had a 4000.00 down payment so I need a loan for 14000.00. I asked what the payment amount was mike wrote it on the paper he wrote 48 and 650 so that”s 4 years at 650 so 31200.00 I asked to see the credit union paperwork and he said it was in the back I told him again I wanted to see it and he acted like he went to the back and I grabbed all my paper work and left. I found a paper with a woman”s name looking for a Cadillac with a 2013 impala that owns a buisiness. I guess she wanted the car we wanted and that”s how they push there customers out very shady people and ask for a car fax because it was wrecked in the front and back but mike said it had a clean carfax

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