George Buzzeta Hudson Ohio Review


My husband and I rented a home in Port Charlotte,Florida for 3 months. We saw an add for a house on internet– We have a small dog and its difficult to find a place that will allow dogs.The home was at the following address: 103 Dowling Ave.Ne Port Charlotte, Fl. We sent George Buzzeta a signed contract and paid $11424 for the 3 months- which included cleaning, security deposits,etc. We were suppose to check in on December 28th, 2013. His”nephew”” or fellow rip off scum

called us on our way down to Florida and said that George (who we were told) had throat cancer (probably from swallowing so many of his own scams) and his newphew (an attorney!!!!) would speak for him. He said that he felt “”terrible”” and that his partner had taken possesion of the house we had rented and changed the locks. We should stay at any hotel we wanted and he would pay it

while he found us another house. Then came a long list of excuses of why he couldn’t find a house. I told him that I found a few. He said to give him another day or so because he found a bigger

and “”better””house. Of course that didn’t happen. We had goggled his name and then saw all of the scams. What a legacy to leave your children (if he truly has cancer)! There is a special place in Hell for him and his associates. We are getting an attorney

but our vacation is over.”

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