George Malamas milford Connecticut


Complaint: This man is a con man. He owes Everyone money and was convicted for felony check writing in Connecticut. He has been trying to hide but was found and arrested. He will be re arrested as soon as the states attorney of connecticut finds out that he is trying to open a restaurant in Westhampton beach, ny. His cell phone number is in his dead mother’s name and he is probably collecting social security under her name as well as his. He is lower than low and will be caught the day that he tries to open the restaurant. He owes several partners over $750,000.00 and you know the saying what comes around goes around. He drives a red mustang convertible and has raised money through people who dont know him. He is a real estate broker but got fired when they found out about him. He owes money to employees, vendors, investors and the list goes on. He dresses like a bum so you would think that he has no money but he stole is from the last business that he opened. Bald, fat and he will be caught soon…

Tags: Restaurants

Address: unknown westhampton beach, New York United States of America


Phone: 5164433000

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