George Vassilas – State Farm Insurance Agent


On July 27th my home was burglarized. The officer investigating said he would get my stuff back. One of the items stolen was an Macbook with Apple you can click find and it will map where you device is. I did this for the police officer and he was positive he could retrieve my belongings. I waited 2 months and still had not gotten my stuff back so I filed a claim with my home insurance carrier (George Vassilas State Farm). He asked for proof of every item I had stolen like reciepts etc so I guess you need to keep your reciepts. They had me come to their office in Hyattsville, Maryland and do a recorded statement. Then all of the sudden this wasn’t good enough for George they wanted me to do a sworn statement at the Prince George County Court House. George Vassilas made me pay him ($1,000.00) deductible and then tried to hit on my girlfriend (Abigail) via text message which we printed out to sue this loser. | When I called State Farm Corporate Office in (Bloomington, IL) they told me this wasn’t there policy at all and I probably was ripped-off. I have filed complaints with the BBB & every complaint board there is and my girlfriend has filed a complaint against him at the local PD. State Farm & George Vassilas have violated my privacy rights by asking me for copies of all my bank statements, credit card statements, phone records and where I was located the night I am robbed. I am in construction and a large portion of the items stolen were tools so I have been unable to work. This claim has been in since June and their is always something more they want that has nothing to do with my home being robbed and my claim being honored. George Vassilas State Farm Insurance are theives and con-artist…… Don’t make the same mistake get any insurance from them at all. George Vassilas is being investigated by Prince George’s County State’s Attorney. |

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