Getaways Resort Mgmt GeoHoliday Review


One: At the time of the contract signing 12/14/2013 we were told that the only payment we would have would be $164.57 per month and there we no Maintenance fees / Annual Fees / Extra Dues / Etc. This fact was witnessed by …….. (Also “Lesses” , the conversation was recorded to “Protect us as well as Starpoint”, this recording can no longer be found) We were shocked to see a bill for $908.82 Due in January of 2014, upon calling the number in Scottsdale Arizona, it was stated that these are “Buyers Dues” and that they are an annual fee or can be paid in annual half payments. This is when I asked to hear the recording and it could not be produced. The other couple called and asked to hear the recording and it could not be produced at that time ether. Two: We were invited back in the summer of 2014 for an “Owner education” this was yet another “sales meeting” to attempt to get us to upgrade 20,000 more credits. We were shocked when the salesman told us that since we only had a 20,000 bi-annual contract that we were only leasing the property, had no mortgage, and could not use the interest paid as a tax shelter. We also could not roll credits over the way it was explained to us when we signed up. He went on to explain that if we upgraded to 20,000 more credits that we would indeed become “owners” have a “mortgage” and would be able to use the club as a tax shelter. Three: I currently am on Disability and no longer have the income to afford the $164.57 per month nor the biannual payment of $908.82. Four: Harassing collections tactics, your locations in Las Vegas, and Scottsdale call mine and my Wife’s cell phone typically twice a day 2 or more days a week. I explained that we could not make a payment, it was explained to me that after 180 days our “mortgage” would go into foreclosure, I explained that we are only Lessees there is no foreclosing a lease. I went on to explain why we were lessees but she did not understand and hung up.

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