GetMED360 UCA Review


I bought this with john aye his is 800-594-4046 ext 1667 That the no longer works if you try to get him & his managers name mimi ext 1601) because i have evidence & recording of the calls, that i would have dental & vision that would be provided & no deductible with my dentist in mountain home ar, that would be in network, also the local vision centers & on doctor visits & no deductible on medical, but basically nothing is covered, if you were going to have surgery, it says up to & 036;2k & everybody knows that here in the us, you cant have any surgery done for that. I purchased this in good faith, but have called & spoken to jennifer Been very disrespectful several times & mistreated by her, very rude) & other representatives, that inform me that the closest places for dental & vision are in branson mo, that is 3+hrs drive away. And only says that is what the policy is & that is what it says… But none of that info was said or told when purchased. Only everything is covered & no deductible… | The initial payment in may 2016 of & 036;284.95 & & 036;60 for the dental and vision, then & 036;149.95 a month Total already paid & 036;1034.70) & & 036;30 a month Total already paid & 036;210) have been made & i do have evidence of all the payments. This is a scam & the amounts that they pay up to do not equal up to the amounts paid in per year, so requested a refund or prorate & they dont want to give any money back. | I request a refund or prorated amount back, since it is not or what was sold or promised. Cause only covering up to & 036;65 per doc visit and only up to 3 visits a year for medical, is not fair or what i purchased. | I know they font sell, but i want a refund of the full amount or at least haft the amount i paid in. Cause it isn’t fair that pay them all that money for just & 036;195 in doc visits in a year of coverage, plus the medicine, they make you order it thru canada…

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