On 07/06/2014 I made a payment of a sum of $100 for credit repair and also made a payment $700 dollars for them to help me to 7 credit card.afer for i did not get my credit scores in the mail like by julia sanchez so i called her back so i took on my self to call the credit bureau to found out if a claim was filed on my behalf and all three said no filing was done so called back julia sanchez in tryed to it their self and fail then julia switch me over her manger eric he also tryed get my file also failed so said he going give a call back never did so kept calling company back until i talk to resolve this problem so said he was give a refund $800 and he going send me confirmation number never got that number also he said it should take two to five business days to put the money back on my credit card this one month later and money on my credit card also called about 100 time and him his will not let me talk him. I demand A 100% refund like promise. Stay away

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