GGW/M.R.A. Video Review


Well my case is pretty victimless, I just thought I would include my story because numbers count. I ordered some videos (gosh I regret that, they are terrible) I gave my card number for billing. I was told that future shipments would be billed and I said NO, please don’t bill me anymore and don’t send future shipments. nWell, I received a future shipment and they billed be $26 for one video. I received four for $24 initially. Thinking about it now, its not the consumer that’s getting screwed. We’re just the dummies that fell for the scam. It’s the girls who showed their breasts for measely cut-off t-shirts with “Girls Gone Wild”” silkscreened on the front that are the real losers. nWhile we are paying $25 for a video

their image is being spread all over the country and the people who coaxed them to do it are making huge profits both honestly and fraudulently. And all these mostly drunken girls know is that they were filmed having fun doing things they would probably do anyway. nBut in Hollywood when somebody films you

you are either paid or you sign a waiver saying you are authorizing your image to be recorded and waiving being paid. But in all those videos I don’t think those girls were able to legally sign anything because of the levels of intoxication involved. They were ALL legally drunk. nI don’t know about Florida and Louisiana but in California legally drunk is .08% blood alcohol level. Anyway

I resolved my situation by calling my bank cancelling my bank card and having them issue a new one. nI’m also sending back the shipment I didn’t authorize because I’m concerned that if they have my name and address and I don’t send back the video they might try to collect on me and I don’t want that on my credit report. Not something as trivial as Girls Gone Wild. And if Playboy is doing business with them I’ve heard they are

I would recommend a systematic boycott of them too. n I’ve had great respect for the playboy empire. To me they have class

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