Gigi Dalka – MYT-Media Toronto Ontario Review


Beware of MYT-Media or Gigi Dalka of Toronto CanadanThis model will work once for your agency then as soon as she gets the contact info for your client she will immediately attempt to steal the client and staff all their future events with her so called company MYT-Media. nIt seems that MYT-Media is actually just a webpage Gigi uses to connect with other models in Toronto, ON, Canada. Basically she calls up her friends to tell them she has an event in Toronto that needs staff. I would feel bad for a company that decides to do business with her and needs more then a few staff and needs them outside of Toronto because most of her staff/friends don’t have cars and cannot work outside of Toronto. nSo beware of this Gigi Dalka and MYT-Media because if she is signed up with your agency she will attempt to steal your clients and she is very unprofessional. I have worked with her at events where we were both booked together and she is always looking for a way to scheem her way into a few more dollars and it doesn’t matter who’s expence its at so BEWARE! nJoannenToronto, OntarioCanada Internet U.S.A.

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