Gina Brown Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


For ten years, I thought this woman was my best friend. I trusted her more than anyone in the world. I found out last year, while pregnant with my third child, that she and my husband had an affair in 2009. They were so vile as to have sex in my own home while I was sleeping upstairs with my daughter. She also invited him over a few months after I had my second child in 2011. My children called her”aunt”! || Of course, my husband is to fault as well, and we’ve been working very hard at therapy, trying to put the pieces of our marriage back together. I am so devastated, to say the least. The two people I loved and trusted the most just stomped all over my heart, laughing the whole time. When I confronted her, she actually said that I was not good enough for my family. And that the only reason my husband is still with me is because I keep having babies. He, of course, was quick to debunk this, but still…She was my best friend! How can somebody do this?!

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