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Terrible Management and Toxic Workplace

I was a low-level employee at Ginkgo Bioworks, and I couldnít tolerate the place for even a few months. The management of this place has many problems. They donít appreciate their employees and treat everyone like trash. Favoritism runs in the blood of the management because some people will get all the incentives and bonuses while some others would never get anything. I can go on and on but I donít want to write that much. So Iím listing out the different drawbacks in separate headings:


The biggest issue with the management at Ginkgo Bioworks is its favoritism. Some employees do nothing and get all the rewards. They force others to do most of the work but get all the credit. I donít mind sharing the credit for completing a particular task or winning a new client but the issue becomes a lot more daunting when the person responding for doing everything gets nothing at all. Many times, the management rewarded a person for all the work and didnít reward me at all, even though I had done all the work. There arenít many employees at Ginkgo but those working there know that you canít raise any issues with the management. 

The leadership doesnít like to hear criticism. If a founder or someone in upper management favors you, this place will become heaven. On the other hand, if the upper management doesnít favor you (like the 90% of the staff) youíd end up suffering all the time. This is not okay by any standards!


Another huge issue at Ginkgo Bioworks is the rampant discrimination going on there. Black people arenít safe there. They are constantly discriminated against and treated like trash. One of my friends left Ginkgo because she couldnít tolerate the toxic racism going on there. I couldnít tolerate it too. But for some reason, the upper management at Ginkgo doesnít like to think that their company has so much racism. Whenever someone brings up the issue of discrimination with the HR or the managers, nothing happens. Moreover because the number of black people is very low here, no one can make such a complaint while remaining anonymous. Everyone would know who made the complaint. Thatís why my friend left this organization in the first place. 


So many problems are going on at Ginkgo but the leadership doesnít take notice at all. The founders are very aggressive towards their employees and always want them to work harder. But when it comes to listening to the employees and their problems, the leadership turns deaf. You canít expect employees to deliver their best when you wouldnít listen to whatís holding them back, let alone fix their issues. Racim, favoritism, and carelessness are all major problems but the founders of Ginkgo donít address them. In fact, these problems donít exist for them too! 

WIth so many issues going on here, I wouldnít recommend anyone to work here. These people might get a lot of good PR from media but the reality is way darker. 

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