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G K Property Field Inspections, owned by Gary Kibbe is a scam. They advertise on Indeed.com amongst other web-sites seeking insectors, who have their own transportation and claim to pay between $3.00-$5.00 per inspection. However, when you receive the documentation to become an independant contractor it claims to only pay $2.00 an inspection [my first red flag]. | After altering the contract properly I began to work for the company. It was literally an all day event. The owner did not honestly describe the job or the amount of time necessarry to comeplete the assignments. | Gary Kibbe offered to pay $10.00 an inspection to me in writing, via text as the travel for the necessarry inspections was so far. Literally I accumulated hundreds if not over a thousand miles on my car. Meanwhile, I was paying for all gas, tolls, data use on my mobile device for the company program, etc. | G K Property Field Inspections says it pays every two weeks. The 30th & 15th of the month. After I resigned (as the job was paying far less then minimum wage), Gary Kibbe the owner agreed in writing to allow me to resign amicably. It was an ‘at will’ employement contract. He said to send an invoice and that he would make sure I was paid by the 15th of the month. | I sent the invoice, which he aknowledged receipt of and told me the bank was late paying him and it would be a few days. After a week I contacted him again, via an attorney. He said he would pay. But, not until next month on the 15th. He had a number of excuses. No that I have treatened a law suit to recoup my damages and due payment, he has stopped returning or accepting my calls. | This is a scam. I spent So much time, wasted hundreds in gas, money in tolls, amassed tons of miles on my vehicle, used data on my phone, ALL FOR NOTHING! Gary Kibbe is a liar and a con artist. I am reporting him to the states attorneys office, BBB, etc. I worked for two weeks, all day, put hundreds of miles on my car and spent hundreds of dollars to be lied to and not even reimbursed for my expenses! This is fraud. The contract states when I was to be paid. I have everything in writing. Even him begging for me to give him another week to pay, when he is so far behind. All stall tactics and lies.

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