Gladiacoin Lethbridge, Alberta Alabama


Complaint: Gladiacoin took bitcoin investments with the promise of doubling in 90 days. Payouts were daily with deposits made to a digital wallet when account reached .03 of a coin. They halted trading a few times with no payouts made. Then implemented a monthly “admin”” fee based on the % of investment – a substantial amount. They also increased the payout threshold to .1 of a coin – which was unable to reach unless admin fees were paid. Then

Tags: E-trade

Address: they up and disappeared and I’m under the impression the same group started Jetcoin & I hear that didn’t sort out well either. This all happened within about 45 days of us joining Gladiacoin. We have no idea who was running this deal but some people knew who they were – no doubt others that are filing a report could inform you.”


Phone: Internet USA

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