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Complaint: I July 2000 I submitted an extensive list of repairs for my Alfa Romero Spider and paid a $500 advance for parts. The mechanic, Glenn Lenhard of Glenn’s MG Service, provided an estimate of about 6 to 8 weeks to do the work. I told him I wanted the work done in three stages so that I will not have one large bill to pay at the end and he agreed. He then removed the transmission then did nothing for 5 months in spite of regular phone calls about every 2 weeks asking for a status on the repair. Each time I repeated my request that he not wait until the last minute then give me a bill for about $3000 to pay all at once. By November I became insistent that he do the work since I plan to drive the car on a Christmas trip. I gave him another $500 to inspire him to get to work and finish quickly. He had trouble getting parts and did not finish in time but he did submit another bill for $800+. Because of his delay I had to rent a car and had to pay $1300 in a two week period in spite of numerous requests to do the work in stages. He had to remove the transmission 3 times because since it sat on his garage floor for 5 months he forgot what the problems were until he reinstalled it and drove around. He also received the wrong rear brake calipers but tried to use them anyway so he could finish the job and bill me but they would not work so he had to remove them and reinstall the correct equipment. It is now February and he is still not finished for the rebuilt brake master cylinder he installed is faulty and must be replaced with a new one. The car can be driven so I requested that I take the car home to do some interior work while he waits for the other parts and he refused for it is his policy that cars don’t leave the lot until the bill is fully paid. I want to slam-dunk this SOB for forcing me to pay other people to wait for him. I have high credit card interest to pay because he waited until the last minute to do the work and submit large bills. I had to rent a car for Christmas and pay a large portion of my vacation money to him. Now I have to pay a large chunk of my European vacation money to him now for me to get my car back. His sitting on his a*s for 5 months has cost me a lot of money. It has also cost him a lot of money too but that is his own fault for waiting so long.

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Address: 3130 39 ST N St Petersburg, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 727-521-9890

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