Glenn R. Weisberger ESQ & CPA


Glen R. Weisberger esq. & CPA ripped me off. Beware, this guy will smile in your face and stab you in the back, typical stereo type snake in the grass lawyer. So one of my reputable contacts connect me with a lawyer who he disclosed with me he didnít have any Transactions completed with and this was a new relationship. I engaged with this attorney/accountant who represented themselves as an accounting attorney engaged me as a consultant to help with with a coupe of projects. After he took a lot of my time , Had me do efforts/labor, analyze and engage others to work and use their time on his projects as well have me purchase something for him.

This attorney/accountant made false claims and statements to me and then goes on to let our contact know I will not be getting paid as well as blocking me with a cease-and-desist communication, as well as slandering me with more false misrepresentation and statements to our contact, mind you whole the whole time smiling and acting like my best friend, which is the troubling part on how others can easily be tricked by this tactic and also taken advance of and damaged like I am currently. When I typed his phone number 1-818-917-3009 into Google It came up with that Angela T Romero As the registered owner of that phone number.

Country United States
State California
City Moorpark
Address 207 W. Los Angeles Ave. Suite 143
Phone 818-917-3009

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